Fashion Loops

Fashion Loops is a cooperative whose members collectively develop initiatives that will help develop a more circular fashion industry. Our creative team of designers, communicators, circular experts and material developers guide and model the process of a post-consumer item of clothing turning into new material and becoming a quality fashion item once again.

Fashion Loops designs new, unique and outstanding products with materials made of residues and waste of the fashion industry. Our mission is:
Fashion waste back to fashion icons!

Fashion Loops not only takes a different approach towards the possibilities of circular fashion, but we are also innovative when it comes to the cooperation with our members and other brands. We create value for brands, value for the environment and value for our members and co-workers.

Fashion Loops team:

Dave Binder – Material Developer, Co-founder

Jeroen van Vorsselen – Product Designer, Co-founder

Mahra van der Boom – Fashion Designer

Vince Vijsma – Product Designer

Das Studio – Web Design, Graphic Design, Social Media & IT

Joris Martens – Scrum Master, Project Management

t: +31-6-48402983

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